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Pollen Allergy in Japan

In Japan, pollen dispersion peaks from February to April,
and most people have symptoms caused mainly by pollen from cedar and cypress.
It is said that starting treatment early can reduce symptoms during that terms.
It is important to get appropriate diagnosis and treatment, so please feel free to consult us.

Hay fever symptoms usually start immediately after you're exposed to a specific allergy-causing substance (allergen) and can include:
・ Runny nose and nasal congestion
・ Watery or itchy eyes
・ Sneezing and Coughing
・ Itchy nose, roof of mouth or throat
・ Sinus pressure and facial pain
・ Swollen, blue-colored skin under the eyes (allergic shiners)
・ Decreased sense of smell or taste
Your hay fever symptoms may start or worsen at a particular time of year, triggered by tree pollen, grasses or weeds, which all bloom at different times.
If you're sensitive to indoor allergens, such as dust mites, cockroaches, mold or pet dander, you may have year-round symptoms.

Is it hay fever? Or is it a cold?

Signs and symptoms can be different.
Here's how to tell which one's causing your symptoms:

Hay Fever Colds
Signs and symptoms Runny nose with thin, watery discharge; no fever Runny nose with watery or thick yellow discharge; body aches; low-grade fever
Onset Immediately after exposure to allergens One to three days after exposure to a cold virus
Duration As long as you're exposed to allergens Five to seven days

If your symptom seems to be hay fever, we reccomend that you visit an ophthalmologist, because we can prescribe more various kinds of eye drops than otorhinolaryngologists.

When to see a doctor

See your doctor if:
・ You think you may have hay fever
・ Your symptoms are ongoing and bothersome
・ Allergy medications aren't working for you
・ Allergy medications work, but side effects are a problem
・ You have another condition that can worsen hay fever symptoms, such as nasal polyps, asthma or frequent sinus infections


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Doctor career

Director:Yoshiko Hori

(Registered Recipient of a Diploma of Ophthalmology Ph.D)
English fluent


Japanese Ophthalmological Society
Japan Ophtalmologists Association
Japan Cornea Society
Japanese Society of Ophthalmic Surgeons
Japanese Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery


1986: Graduate-School of Medicine of Iwate Medical University
1990: Post Graduate school of Iwate MedicalUniversity
1991: Iwate prefectural Ofunato hospital
1993: Department of Ophthalmology Iwate Medical University Instructor
1993: Schepens Eye Research Institute of Harvard University
1997: Department of Ophthalmology Tokyo Dental College
1997: Minami-Aoyama Eye Clinic
2008: Ichikawa general hospital Department of Ophthalmology Tokyo Dental College
2010: IkebukuroSunshineStreetEyeClinic(Director since 2010)

Main Thesis

The three-dimensional organization of collagen fibrils in the human cornea and sclera.(maiden name Komai)

Doctor:Yasuhiro Shinkawa

(Registered Recipient of a Diploma of Ophthalmology)


Japan Ophthalmological Society
Japanese Retina and Vitreous Society
Japanese Society of Ophthalmic Surgeons


2001: Graduate-Medical Department of Kumamoto University
2002: Department of Ophthalmology Kyoto University School of medicine
2002: Shimada Municipal Hospital
2008: Japanese Red Cross Society
2010: Kitano Hospital The Tazuke Kofukai Medical Research Institute
2014: Ikebukuro Sunshine Street Eye Clinic

We have 5 full-time service orthoptist, 3 part-time orthoptists, 1full-time nurse and 3 part-time nurses in our clinic.
Another several ophthalmologists are working here.